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txt: This month's sales ranking
txt: (Literature dept)
txt: 1. "The box that houses the moon"
txt: Akihiko Usami
txt: 2. "Nostalgia for the 25th century"
txt: Akihiko Usami
txt: 3. "All of Japan's inverted \Npandas in pictures"
txt: Akihiko Usami
Guy: Yes!
txt: 4. "Scare crow"
txt: Akihiko Usami
Guy: All the books I worked on are best sellers!
Guy: Like this one...and this one!
Guy: All my hard work paid off!
Guy: Huh?
Guy: Wait! These are girl comics...
tak: Hey.
Guy: Takano?
Guy: Hey... huh?
Guy: Oh my god!
Guy: It was just a dream!
Guy: This sucks.
Man: What?!
Man: It's not done?!
Man: Why not?!
Man: Who was it that said yesterday\Nthat it would be done this morning?
Man: Then when?
Man: What?! You don't know?!
Man: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
tak: I see...
tak: So this is hell week.
txt: Gloom
Man: What the fuck?!
Man: Do you know how much shit we had to go through...
Unnamed: ...with the printer to get an extension?!
Man: Excuse me?!
Man: Just shut up and get to\Nwriting that manuscript already.
Man: Onodera, come on.
Man: We're gonna pay this writer-clown a visit.
tak: You mean we're going now?
tak: We'll paste in the photo typeset \Nthere and grab the last twelve pages.
tak: And bring your X-Acto knife.
tak: You'll end up pasting in the toner, too.
onono: Uh, but I don't have the right skill set for...
tak: Well, you're the only one doing jack right now.
tak: I'm counting on you guys.
tak: Hello, yes, this is Takano \Nfrom Marukawa Publishing.
tak: May I speak to Sasaki please?
ono: So what, now I'm just supposed \Nto go to this author's house?
ono: I've never even helped out with a manga before.
ono: I can't do this...
ono: I'm probably just getting in the way.
tak: Hello, Sasaki?
tak: I'm very sorry, but I can't make it today.
tak: I know that!
tak: Yes, all right.
Unnamed: Yes.
ono: Who is Takano talking to?
ono: Could he be talking to the author again?
tak: That's why I'm asking you to do something!
tak: Why is he so restless?
tak: And why...
Unnamed: ...does everyone in the manga \Nbusiness look so lifeless?!
Wom: T-Takano...
tak: If you feel guilty enough to \Ncry, get it done on time!
Wom: I can't do it and that's that!
tak: How dare you talk back to me?!
tak: I will strike you where you stand!
tak: And besides, why the hell are you \Ndrawing the Nikkou Toushou-guu...
tak: ...on the first page when you're so behind?!
Wom: It's better than the Sanjuusangendou!
All: Shut up and just get back to work!
Wom: I know I'm causing you trouble,
Unnamed: but this page will be a featured spread,
Wom: so I tried so hard to draw it well...
Wom: They say that you can just fix it later...
Unnamed: ...for the book release, but I can't allow that.
tak: If you can't allow that, \Nget it in before the deadline.
tak: Someone who can't even get the basics right...
Unnamed: ...doesn't have the right to be contentious.
Wom: I know that!
tak: How many more pages do you have to ink?
Wom: Five.
tak: You can't be serious...
tak: Hurry up and get it done already!
Wom: I told you I'd do it, so get off my back!
ono: Takano...
Unnamed: She looks like she hasn't been sleeping,
Unnamed: so shouldn't you try to be a little nicer to her?
tak: Why don't you get to work?
ono: Yes, sir.
Wom: Hey, do you think this manga is any good?
tak: What?
Wom: Is it too late to fix it?
Unnamed: I don't even know anymore...
Wom: ...if I'm writing something good, or if it's just crap.
tak: Of course it's too late.
tak: Idiot!
ono: See, your tone...
Wom: I really want to go back and fix it.
tak: Can it and work.
ono: She's really doubting herself.
ono: You should be giving her support!
ono: Can't you see she needs that?
Wom: Takano... I...
tak: Stop wasting calories.
ono: That's it!
ono: Uh... I want you to know that \NI bought your last volume.
Wom: What?
ono: Uh... Well, you see...
Unnamed: I just got into manga publishing,
ono: so now I'm reading everything we publish.
ono: Even as a guy, I enjoyed it.
Unnamed: So when I heard you had...
ono: ...a new volume out this month, \NI went out and bought it.
Wom: Can't you get them for free at work?
ono: I do, but since I liked it so much,
ono: I thought I should reward the creator by buying a copy.
tak: Because giving money to Marukawa,
Unnamed: after Marukawa paid you, makes a lot of sense.
tak: You just realized that?
ono: I'm an idiot.
ono: Anyway, I think your manga is fun to read.
ono: So please, you're almost done!
ono: I just wanted to try to cheer you up a bit.
ono: I guess I'm the one who can't tell what she needs.
tak: Even the rookie says so.
tak: Has there even been a mistake in something...
Unnamed: ...where I had OKed the storyboard?
Wom: No.
tak: Then you don't have to redo it.
tak: I talked to the printer,
Unnamed: and you have an extension until tomorrow morning.
ono: So that's who he was yelling at on \Nthe phone on the way over here.
ono: He was negotiating with the printer...
Wom: But I was told to have it done by noon today.
tak: We know there's no way you can finish it.
ono: But it's so hard to get them to agree to an extension.
tak: Just so you know,
Unnamed: things like this lowers your reputation.
Wom: Got it.
tak: Then hurry up and get it done!
Wom: Yes, sir.
ono: I didn't have to cheer her up.
Unnamed: Takano was planning on letting her finish properly.
Wom: Please paste number forty-one here.
ono: Yes!
ono: Uh... How do you paste on the tones?
Wom: Huh?
Wom: Well...
Wom: I did it!
Wom: I finished the Nikkou Toushou-guu!
ono: All right!
All: Good job!
All: Way to go!
tak: Good job.
tak: All right, let's get this to the printer.
ono: Okay!
ono: I can't do this anymore.
ono: I'm so tired.
ono: I'm so sleepy.
ono: But man, were the people at the printer...
ono: ...scary just now when we \Nhanded in the manuscript.
ono: So then, once the galley is done,
Unnamed: I have to check that and then it's good to go.
ono: I guess the printers still have a lot of work to do...
Unnamed: ...once we hand in the proof.
ono: So I guess...
Unnamed: ...they'll be glaring at me again when \NI go to hand in the galleys.
ono: Who knew the morning light \Ncould be this destructive?
ono: We're done.
ono: I'm really glad we got it in, in the end.
tak: And I'm glad you were there.
ono: What?
tak: She's not usually one of the hysterical ones,
tak: but this time she was having \Na real hard time getting it out.
tak: I think you gave her back \Nsome of her confidence.
ono: Oh, no...
ono: I'm really sorry I did that.
ono: I wish I had more tact...
ono: But that's me.
Unnamed: When something's important, \NI blurt out exactly what I feel.
tak: Indeed.
tak: For you.
ono: Th-Thank you.
ono: I guess even he smiles once in a while.
ono: Well, yeah, of course he does.
ono: Okay, so why am I getting all nervous?
tak: It's good to be direct.
tak: I think it's a huge compliment to \Nsay that her comic is fun to read.
ono: I-I guess that's fine then...
ono: I might have to rethink my impression of this guy.
ono: He draws out the best from the authors,
Unnamed: works with them to make something good,
ono: and then those books sell...
ono: He's doing what I dream of doing.
ono: I'm an idiot!
ono: Why am I getting all nervous?
ono: He's a guy, for chrissake!
ono: And I told myself I'm never falling \Nin love again, with anybody!
tak: You haven't changed at all.
ono: What do you mean?
tak: I guess you don't remember me.
ono: Oh, yeah.
Unnamed: You mentioned that before, too.
Unnamed: But I think you've got me \Nconfused for someone else.
ono: I'm sure this is the first time we've met.
ono: What are you doing?!
tak: Now maybe you'll remember me...
ono: T-Takano!
ono: If this is a joke, it isn't funny!
ono: I'm a man!
tak: A joke?
tak: Yeah, I suppose you'd always think of it that way.
ono: Huh?
tak: I thought you'd changed a lot, \Nbut you're just as direct as always.
ono: What are you talking about?
tak: You said that you loved me.
ono: What?
tak: You said that you loved me.
ono: What?
tak: So what? You rejected me \Nand now you're pretending...
Unnamed: don't even remember?
ono: What?
tak: The galleys should be done now.
Unnamed: I'm going to drop them off at the printer.
tak: You can try to remember while I'm gone.
ono: What are you talking about?!
ono: Takano!
tak: My senior year in high-school,
Unnamed: my parents got a divorce \Nand my last name changed.
ono: Huh?
tak: My name used to be Saga.
tak: Masamune Saga.
ono: Masamune Saga.
ono: Masamune Saga.
ono: Saga...
ono: Saga...
ono: We... We're going out, right?
tak: What?
ono: Well, I'm just wondering, because \Nyou never say anything.
txt: Saga
ono: It couldn't be...
ono: It couldn't be...
ono: Do you...feel anything for me?
ono: He laughed.
ono: Why?!
ono: Was he just...
ono: ...playing with me?!
ono: Stop right there, Saga!
ono: I mean, Takano!
ono: So Masamune Saga and Masamune \NTakano are one and the same!
ono: He's the first love I've so desperately \Nexpunged from my memories!
ono: Why do I have to run into him \Nagain here of all places?
ono: And why the hell does he have to be my boss?!
ono: Stop right there!
ono: You can't just say whatever the \Nhell you want and then run away!
ono: So you thought you'd just \Ndrop this one me, huh?!
ono: You could at least apologize, \Nafter what you've done to me!
tak: What did I do?
ono: You know!
tak: I did something to you?
ono: Do you see anyone else here?!
ono: Because of that, I...
tak: You're the one who did something to me!
ono: What?
tak: You're the one who roundhouse kicked me,
Unnamed: and then disappeared the next day!
ono: Roundhouse kick?
ono: What is that supposed to mean?
tak: What the fuck?
tak: It must be convenient to \Nhave a selective memory.
tak: You're really terrible.
ono: You must be talking about yourself!
ono: I mean sure, maybe I was young, \Nbut I really meant what I said.
ono: You led me on and then you threw me away!
tak: Excuse me?
tak: When did I ever do that?
ono: When you laughed when I asked \Nyou how you felt about me!
tak: I don't even remember that!
tak: Anyway, that doesn't mean anything. \NI was a brat in high-school.
tak: If I laughed, it was probably \Nto hide my embarrassment.
tak: So you thought I was making fun of you,
Unnamed: and that's why you kicked me and ran away?
tak: And you've held a grudge for ten years?
tak: You...
tak: ...are an idiot.
ono: Damn you.
ono: You're the one who was acting like an idiot!
tak: So the mystery is finally solved.
tak: So that means that I can seduce you, right?
ono: Huh?
tak: No matter who I was with, \NI could never forget you.
tak: I'm going to make you say you love me again.
tak: Just you wait.
ono: Who the hell do you think you are?!
txt: Pain
ono: Calm down.
ono: Just calm down.
ono: What does this mean?
ono: That I made a colossal misunderstanding?
ono: Could it be...?
ono: But...
ono: My soul got all twisted and \Njaded when he did that.
ono: Now he's going to say it was nothing \Nbut a bit of nervous laughter?!
ono: That was stupid.
ono: How did I not notice it was \Nhim from the very start?
ono: But his hair is completely different.
ono: And then it's been ten years!
ono: Of course I've forgotten!
ono: If I had noticed, I would've just quit right away.
tak: I couldn't forget you.
ono: What if...
ono: What if what he said is true?
ono: What if I did misunderstand?
ono: Maybe he me?
ono: Maybe he still does?
ono: Does that mean I can love him again?
ono: I was the one who liked him first.
ono: Maybe it would be just like in the mangas.
ono: I'd tell him I love him and then \Nwe cut to the happy ending.
ono: Yeah right!
ono: Maybe it was nervous laughter,
ono: but he's the one who did \Nsomething ambiguous at that point,
Unnamed: so he's the one in the wrong!
ono: I'm annoying myself for even letting \Nsomething like that influence me!
ono: I'm too jaded to accept his \Nexplanation just like that!
ono: No.
ono: This isn't love.
ono: Who could possibly fall in \Nlove with such a guy twice?
ono: So he thinks he's going to \Nmake me say "I love you?"
ono: Over my cold, dead body!
man1: All right, that was the last of it.
Man2: Thank you very much.
ono: Thank you.
ono: Starting a new job while you move really sucks.
ono: I really don't want to go to work.
ono: That department's really weird, too.
ono: I don't even know what making \Nmanga is about anymore.
ono: And then I've got him for a boss.
ono: I can't believe it.
ono: It's supposed to be time \Nto turn over a new leaf,
Unnamed: but I'm exhausted, body and soul.
ono: Huh?
ono: Where did the put the box cutter?
ono: I guess I'll go get some food from the \Nconvenience store while I get one.
ono: Oh, he must be a neighbor.
ono: Hello!
ono: I'm your new neighbor.
Man: Oh, so you're my new neighbor?
txt: Thump thump thump
ono: What is Takano doing here?
ono: Don't tell me he's my neighbor!
tak: Oh, I get it.
tak: You came to confess your love for me.
tak: You sure changed your mind quick.
tak: I'm fine with that.
ono: What are you talking about?!
ono: That is outrageous!
ono: Now, if you'll excuse me.
ono: Why does he have to live next to me?
ono: I cannot believe this!
ono: This is bad.
ono: I've gotta move stat!
ono: I'm broke, but that doesn't matter!
ono: Just pull yourself together!
ono: This isn't love, this isn't love...
ono: Under no circumstances is this love!
ono: Marukawa publishing glossary!
ono: Today's word is Maruakawa's \NMarketing Department!
ono: The marketing department \Nis the place where all...
Unnamed: ...the sales and circulation is managed.
ono: They have so much power that \Nthere are rumors about...
Unnamed: ...not pissing them off if you \Nwant your book published.

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